Thank you!

Our hearts go out to all the families who have suffered devastation from the recent storms. Some families have limited damage like a few windows broken were as others have had to leave their homes such is the extent of their damage.

It was truly terrifying for staff and the children at the centre. We would love to thank Lauren, Danielle and Sharron  who stayed with the staff throughout the storm and helped to settle the children. Miss Gina’s stomach was still sore the next day from her very loud singing to combat the noise of the storm. Thankfully no children were injured and all have taken a positive outlook on storms from this experience.

On the Friday we provided emergency care and were really touched by the offers of help from some of our parents who had enough issues of their own to deal with. This really reinforces our sense of family at Moorooka Early Learning Centre and will only result in a stronger community feel all round. storm

On Friday Miss Hayley and Miss Barb had a wonderful experience attending a seminar on introducing music and well being into child care programs. We will be researching ways of incorporating music all through the day as well as meditation, yoga and breathing activities to improve children’s well being. If any parent knows of a person who would be able to train our staff in yoga, mediation and breathing techniques suitable for children, we would love to hear from you. We look forward to initiating ideas in the new year.



Our New Sign



We went outside to watch our new sign being put up at the front of the centre. The workman enjoyed the audience as they took our old sign down and replaced with a bright new one.

All the children enjoyed being evolved in this big change, we thank all our families for their positive feedback!

Our New Garden

Garden 1

Garden 2 Garden 3

Our Garden has been replanted and redesigned to encourage a more interactive environment for the children. They can enjoy manipulating the little ornaments while sitting on the big log to create their own little fairy garden. Once the new plants have become more established the children will be able to follow the path of stepping stones through the garden. As plants succumb to the enthusiastic efforts of our little gardeners we will put in replacement options.



Hi, I’m Meri Potter:


I wanted to take a quick opportunity to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I will be filling in for Jasmine while she is away for Uni and afterwards I will also be working in the Kindy Room on Mondays. Yay!


I am so very pleased to be joining the Moorooka Early Learning Centre and to be working with you and your children. This is my tenth year working in Early Childhood Education, a thought that definitely brings a smile to my face. I have been lucky that my career has taken me across Australian, and allowed me to work with many children and families ranging from babies to primary school students.


I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, at the University of Southern Queensland. Outside of Moorooka Early Learning Centre, I also work as a tutor for early primary students, and at the Ipswich Art Gallery working in the children’s program.

When I am not working, studying, or love to spend times with my family, which consists of my husband Alex, my two dogs Squirt and Chloe and my three chickens. I really enjoy gardening and cooking, though these are definitely areas of improvement for me, so any tips are always welcome.


I’m really looking forward to meeting and working with you all!

Meri Potter









Dear Parents,

I am letting you know that I am going on practical experience for university again, from October 13th till November the 7th. During this time, “Luna Ladybug” will go home with the children, to allow them to share their weekend adventures with my ‘friend’, and allow us to discuss all their adventures when I get back. I will also try to write emails each week for the class.

During this time, there will be another Kindergarten teacher in the room, a lady named Meridyth. She is a colleague and friend of mine from university, and will enter with the same passion and enthusiasm I have given. I am sure the children will be very comfortable with her, and if you have any questions or concerns during this time, please talk to Meridyth, Hayley or one of the other staff. I am also available by email which you can get from Hayley if needed.