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Our hearts go out to all the families who have suffered devastation from the recent storms. Some families have limited damage like a few windows broken were as others have had to leave their homes such is the extent of their damage.

It was truly terrifying for staff and the children at the centre. We would love to thank Lauren, Danielle and Sharron  who stayed with the staff throughout the storm and helped to settle the children. Miss Gina’s stomach was still sore the next day from her very loud singing to combat the noise of the storm. Thankfully no children were injured and all have taken a positive outlook on storms from this experience.

On the Friday we provided emergency care and were really touched by the offers of help from some of our parents who had enough issues of their own to deal with. This really reinforces our sense of family at Moorooka Early Learning Centre and will only result in a stronger community feel all round. storm

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