“I think what makes MELC a great child care centre is that it is small enough so that the teachers really know each individual child and they all seem to care about the children rather than it being just a job for them.

Both my girls are very attached to the teachers and they can really make or break the whole daycare experience for them. I’m in a position where if the girls didn’t enjoy daycare, I probably wouldn’t send them but struggle away trying to work part time with them around. Now we have a much more relaxed family life as we can enjoy our time apart as well as our time together.

Also, you spend a lot of time outside, which everyone seems to love and you have the right balance in being together as a large group and splitting them up according to age. I believe this makes it easy for them to transition through the rooms as they get older.”

Sofia – parent of 2 children at the centre

“Since starting at Moorooka Early Learning Centre my son has taken leaps and bounds both socially and educationally. The staff are absolutely fantastic and I feel total comfort knowing he is in safe hands.”

Sarah – parent of child in middle kindy room

“I was so relieved when I found MELC and my son started going there 2 days a week. After looking at many childcare centres, MELC stood out as being the most lovely, down-to-earth centre with friendly, kind staff. What makes it so special is that it is small centre, with consistent staff and all the age groups get to interact and have lots of time to play outside as part of their day. I feel very lucky that our son is at MELC and reassured that he is spending time at an interesting centre he also loves!”

Anna – parent of child in middle kindy room