Centre Philosophy


“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings. “

At Moorooka Early Learning Centre we believe that all children deserve to be surrounded by a community that encourages them to develop, grow and reach their individual potential. As Educators, we are given the opportunity to be part of that community. We acknowledge the level of responsibility this imparts on us, as we directly influence and shape the young people in our care during their formative years, in collaboration with their families.

The Educators of Moorooka Early Learning Centre have various backgrounds, values and philosophies that influence their approach to childcare.  One of our educators has raised her own family and is now channelling her maternal instinct to create a nurturing environment within our centre. Another educator has extensively studied teaching practices and has a passion for delivering quality programs informed by the National Quality Framework, National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework.  We have educators who have been in the Early Childhood sector for many years and understand the traditional approach to childcare, as well as educators who are new to the field and have knowledge of more contemporary approaches and techniques.  Despite having diverse backgrounds and beliefs, all of our educators share a commitment to supporting and nurturing each child as an individual.

Our diverse approach ensures a range of methods are used to inspire and engage children in different ways, encouraging them to think creatively, communicate effectively and develop confident personalities.  We strive to introduce them to the joys of learning through play, help them build their own identity, begin to regulate their own emotions and behaviour, and ideally instil a lifelong love of education.  Our practices are guided by the principles of educational theorists, such as Vygotsky, who theorized that children learn through social interaction.  We believe that children are naturally curious, eager to learn and have unlimited potential. By guiding and facilitating each child’s learning, and modelling respect, empathy, honesty and caring, Moorooka Early Learning Centre educators can start to build a solid foundation that teaches young people how to think, rather than what to think.

Operating out of a long-standing church structure, Moorooka Early Learning Centre has utilized and revived the space to reflect a warm and welcoming childcare service.  Our locality gives us the ability to connect and contribute to our local community, which is invaluable. With only 34 placements available, we offer all the benefits of a small centre and form close relationships with families to share knowledge about their child’s social, emotional and physical development. We believe that families are the most valuable educator’s in a child’s life and value their input within our centre.  We believe that families should feel valued in all aspects within the centre, and advocate respect for all people regardless of age, gender, race, religion or cultural background.


Reviewed September 2015

*Reviewed due to the changed priorities of new management and Educators



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